The New Fizzbook Spin

With tens of thousands of Fizzbooks already in UK classrooms, the new Fizzbook Spin is not only proven, but more durable, powerful, cost effective and efficient than ever before.


See the multi-year Fizzbook case study below; it shows how Broadgreen Primary School has successfully implemented the 1st generation Fizzbook Spin and demonstrates real world impact in the classroom:





Fizzbook Spin - Ultra-mobile, more durable and powerful than ever before...


Built on the Intel's fourth-generation Classmate PC with its latest Intel® Atom™ processor; the new Fizzbook comes with a 32GB SSD, this provides shock resistance and allows users to access data faster and uses less power than traditional hard drives.  The new Fizzbook is leaner, lighter, faster and stronger than before.


The new Fizzbook is available with either a six-cell battery that delivers eight hours of operation, or a three-cell battery that lasts up to 4.8 hours.  Compared to typical commercial netbooks it is drop tested from 70cm and has a durable finish.  The improved ruggedness stems from such features as strengthened corners for shock and vibration absorption, and a keyboard that can withstand prying fingers and improved water resistance.


The tablet convertible screen enables users to write directly on screen. The special stylus and handwriting recognition software create a “write on paper” experience. In addition, it comes with integrated Wi-Fi connection and the Fizzbook Spin's 1.3 megapixel camera swivels and shoots 640 x 480 pixel video at 30 frames per second. 


Dave Ayling, Commercial Manager of CMS claims that the new Fizzbook is also ideally suited for the business environment, "Even though the Fizzbook was originally created for the education market, the ruggedized cases, software enhancements, and performance upgrades, makes them ideal even for business professionals. In fact, they're great for anyone on the go."